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Living on Island Time

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There we sat at the edge of Marathon Key in a parking area at the beginning of the Seven Mile Bridge. The rain that had been accompanying us for the whole drive had finally broken and, while the dark clouds were still threatening, we were determined to complete the last part of the drive with the top down.  The only problem was it was the first time we had ever rented a convertible and we had no idea how to get it to go down! We had done the obvious things like releasing the latch and pushing the button that had an image of the car with the top opening on it, but all we got was a warning that the top was not secure and a beep. As any modern, tech savvy person would do, we pulled up YouTube on our phone and watched as a helpful person walked us through the steps.  Armed with our new knowledge we walked around to the tiny trunk and removed all of the luggage that we had so carefully shoe-horned in a few hours before in Miami and then we hooked the top divider into its notches, thus eliminating any useful space in the trunk.  We pushed the button and the top effortlessly opened and fell into the space that our luggage had occupied – It was going to be a ragtop day! We shoved whatever we could fit back into the trunk and then we put everything else in the back seat.  We would be completing the ride with the top down, but we were going to look a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies doing it!  We eased our brand new, silver, Super Sport Camaro back out onto A1A and let its power rocket us up to speed as we headed west on the Seven Mile Bridge. Continue reading »

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