Down Memory Lane on the James River

This blog follows a trip down memory lane with my mom and family. We visit two plantations on the James River that my mom spent time at as a teenager.

A Road Trip Through Northern Florida

This blog follows a road trip we took through south Georgia and northern Florida. We see a lot of great places and we pay a visit to the Black Lagoon.

In a Biplane Over the Salt Marsh

This blog follows our quick journey through aviation history with a flight over Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island in a 1941 Waco biplane.
To Southern Lattitudes-12.jpg

To the Southern Lattitudes

This blog bridges the gap between the end of my journey in Guatemala and the start of my time in Argentina and beyond.
Cumberland Island-19.jpg

Return to Cumberland Island

This blog follows my visit to one of my favorite places in the world to show my girlfriend the splendors of Cumberland Island, just off of the Georgia coast.

The Journey Begins

This is the beginning of my journey to Antarctica and around the World.
Back In the USA-10.jpg

Back in the USA

This chronicles my journey home from Antarctica and New Zealand, including a fun stop in Hawaii. It also kicks off the next leg of my journey from Atlanta, GA to Mexico by train.