To the Magnificent Land of the Turks-2.jpg

To the Magnificent Land of the Turks

I have made it to the Middle East and the wonderful city of Istanbul, in Turkey.
Exploring Constantinople-37.jpg

Exploring Constantinople

This blog follows my first full day in Istanbul. I explore the Aya Sofya and the Hippodrome and have a grand time.
A Thousand and One Nights in a Day-17.jpg

One Thousand and One Nights in a Day

In this blog I take a journey into the famous stories from One Thousand Nights and a Night during a visit to the opulent Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.
Lazy Days Around Istanbul-22.jpg

Lazy Days in Istanbul

I slowed the pace down a bit in my exploration of Istanbul. This blog follows my final days in the grand city of the sultans.
Language Lessons-1.jpg

Language Lessons

This blog follows my journey from Istanbul to Safranbolu and Amasra. There are a lot of wonderful sights and some great language lessons.

Into the Mysterious Land of the Troglodyte

In this blog I visit Cappadocia, one of the most amazing places in Turkey. I immerse myself in the splendors of the underground world and experience some first class travel hassles - It is a great time!

A Short Journey into Mesopotamia

This blog follows an unexpected journey to the town of Urfa in Turkey. I tour the ruined biblical city of Harran and explore the wonders of the pilgrim city of Urfa.
Mt. Nimrut-01.jpg

Across the Desert to the Mausoleum of a Commagene King

This blog follows our journey on foot to the summit of Mt. Nimrut and the mysterious tomb of King Antiochus I for sunset.
Onward to Lycia-15.jpg

Onward to Lycia

This blog follows my journey from Mt. Nimrut to the Mediterranean coast and the magical tourist town and ruin of Olympos. I go on an epic kayak tour and visit with the mythical Chimera.
Over a Sunken City-02.jpg

Over a Sunken City

This blog follows a quick journey along Turkey's Lycian Way to the city of Kaş, including a kayak journey over a sunken ancient city.
To the Cotton Castle-07.jpg

To the Cotton Castle

This blog follows my journey to Pamukkale and the wonderful travertine pools and the ruins of Hierapolis, my first visit to a major Classical city.
Aphrodites City-02.jpg

Aphrodite's City

This blog is about my visit to the magnificent Classical city of Aphrodisias.
First of Seven Wonders-39.jpg

The First of Seven Wonders

This blog follows my journey to the town of Selçuk and the wonderful ancient ruins of Ephesus. I also pay a visit to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
A quick stop in a tourist town-12.jpg

A Quick Stop in a Tourist Town

This blog follows my quick journey to the town of Bodrum and the wonderful sites there.
Ramazan in Troy-29.jpg

Ramazan in Troy

This blog follows my short return to Turkey and an exploration of the fabled city of Troy.