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Sailing North in the Arctic Ocean

This blog follows my exciting voyage on the barkentine Antigua north into the Arctic Ocean in the Svalbard archipelago. We have grand encounters with ice bears and walruses and we immerse ourselves in the history of the Arctic.
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Blocked by Sea Ice!

This blog follows my voyage on the barkentine Antigua through the wilds of Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic. We encounter sea ice and polar bears and we spend some time getting to know the Arctic landscape.
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A Wild Crossing of the Barents Sea

This blog follows my voyage from the Arctic realm of Svalbard to the northern coast of Norway on the barkentine Antigua. We cross the stormy Barents Sea and we explore the picturesque northern fjords in Norway. We also get to dance with the aurora borealis!
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To the Land of My Forefathers

This blog takes me from Sweden to Oslo, Norway and Drammen to visit family in the land of my forefathers.
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Exploring Drammen and Telemark

This blog covers my time in Drammen and a road trip to Telemark. There is some great hiking, history and exploration in the land of my forefathers.
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On the Oslo-Bergen Railway

This blog wraps up my time in Drammen. I take a quick journey on the train to Bergen and I explore a bit of Oslo and then I say farewell to Cato and Mona for a while.
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Into the Land of the Ice Bear

This blog follows my journey to the Arctic islands of Svalbard and the start of my Arctic adventure.