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Into the Copper Canyon

My journey into Mexico begins. This blog chronicles the first weeks of my Mexican adventure, including the lovely town of Chihuahua, the canyon towns of Creel and Batopilas, and El Fuerte.

The Canyon and the Colonial Heartland

This gallery has photos from my journey from Creel, in Mexico's Copper Canyon, to Zacatecas. I travel through El Fuerte and Mazatlan along the way.

Guanajuato and the Monarchs of Mexico

These are the photos from my journey to Guanajuato, Mexico and onward to Guadalajara.
Back to the beach.jpg

Back to the Beach

Photos from my journey through Puerto Vallarta and Zihuatanejo.
Mexico City-3.jpg

Mexico City!

These are photos from my time in Mexico City and the surrounding countryside.
In the Jungle.jpg

In the Jungle, the Not So Mighty Jungle

These photos are from my journeys in Veracruz state in Mexico.
I have found chocolate.jpg

I Have Found Chocolate!

This gallery follows my journey through Oaxaca, Mexico and the surrounding countryside. I visit the ruins of Mitla, Monte Albán, and Yagul and I tour the grand city of Oaxaca. I end up at the remote beach town of Mazunte.
La Ruta Maya.jpg

La Ruta Maya

This gallery follows the start of my journey along La Ruta Maya in Mexico. I start at San Cristobal de las Casas and end up in Palenque, with lots of grand adventures along the way.
Ruined in the Yucatan-4.jpg

Ruined in the Yucatan

This blog follows the final weeks of my journey through Mexico. I visit several Maya ruins throughout the Yucatan as well as several big Mexican cities.