To the Land of Pyramids and Baksheesh

This blog follows my journey into the land of the pharaohs and the grand pyramids surrounding Cairo.
Sands of Sahara-49.jpg

Into the Sands of the Sahara

This blog follows my rail journey to Aswan and some grand exploration in mysterious Upper Egypt.
Drifting Down the Nile-04.jpg

Drifting Down the Nile

This blog follows my journey from Aswan to Luxor on a felucca, including two wonderful stops at the region's most important ruins.

Incidents of Travel in the Monumental City of Thebes

This blog follows my time exploring the wonderful ruins surrounding Luxor, Egypt, including Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and several other sites from the Monumental City of Thebes.
Diving Alexandria-14.jpg

Exploring the Submerged Ruins of Alexandria

This blog follows my exciting dive to explore the submerged ruins and wrecks of Alexandria's past, including the sixth of the Seven Wonders of the World that I have seen on this trip.

(Not So) Lazy Days in Alexandria

This blog follows my days in Alexandria exploring the library and the famous ancient sites and being mistaken for a famous American action hero.
Diving in the Land of Moses-03.jpg

Diving in the Land of Moses

This blog takes me back out of Africa to the sandy expanses of Sinai and the grand pilgrimage sites and diving locals along the Red Sea.