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Living on Island Time

There we sat at the edge of Marathon Key in a parking area at the beginning of the Seven Mile Bridge. The rain that had been accompanying us for the whole drive had finally broken and, while the dark clouds were still threatening, we were determined to complete the last part of the drive with […]

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The Tall Ship Races in Fredrikstad

I have always loved tall ships. I have been lucky enough to sail on three different ships from afternoon-long mock battle voyages to an epic, two month long crossing of the Southern Ocean. While sailing on the ships is the pinnacle of excitement for me, another experience revolving around tall ships has intrigued me for […]

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Where the Jungle Meets the Sea

We were considering going to the Caribbean coast for the remainder of our stay in Costa Rica. We asked a few people in Monteverde how long it should take us to drive there and they each told us something different, ranging from a manageable 6 hour journey to an epic, stay-in-the-car-for-the-rest-of-the-day slog of 10+ hours, […]

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In Search of the Resplendent Quetzal

Monteverde was one of Costa Rica’s top attractions. Its cloud forests formed an otherworldly landscape of misty forest vistas and rolling mountains that are home to a stunning array of wildlife. It is a bird-watchers’ paradise that draws people from all over the world who come hoping to get a glimpse of its most famous […]

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The Mysterious Rio Celeste

Driving in Costa Rica was proving to be a frustrating experience.  The distances were short – Costa Rica was about the size of North Georgia – but the travel times were long.  We were learning that if Google Maps said it should take two and a half hours that we needed to double it and […]

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